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Data updated on: 12-Jan-2022

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App Id: com.GreatCode.BattleTycoon
App Size: 36M
Rating: 0
Installs: 5,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 0.44
Supported Devices: Android v.7.1 and above
First Release: 22-Jul-2019

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Developer: GreatCode
Website: notfound
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Teen
Genre: Simulation
Updated Release: 22-May-2021

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Did you play battle royale games or tycoon? It's time to feel like the creator of the arena on the phone and for this you will be available:

● Weapons to create a spectacular battle
● Players who are ready to demonstrate their skills in the arena of the Tycoon: Battle Royale
● Arena, the creation of which depends only on your choice
● Stimulants that allow players to survive during the fight

You are the creator and founder of the world-famous battle of players in the Battle Royale tycoon on the phone. Develop an arena to become the richest battle organizer and create huge battles among the crowds of players who are ready to go to victory at any cost. Try to create your Battle Royale! The game is absolutely free and you can play without the Internet.

DOWNLOAD your arena with the help of battles in the royal battle mode, get experience and open up new equipment to create an even more interesting battle like in the Battle Royale!

CONTROL the budget, because to create your Battle Royale simulator on the phone will not be easy. Cover expenses by demonstrating interesting battles and spend the income received to upgrade the arena.

CREATE a unique map from different parts of the earth. Players will enjoy running across the plains, or survive in the wild jungle, which will depend only on you.

WATCH the actions of the players in your arena and get money for interesting fights from viewers who love to watch the battle in a Battle Royale style.

CHOOSE suitable fighters to create a spectacular battle, or, for the sake of organizing the battle for your entertainment.

You will have assistants who will be able to offer you everything you need to launch the arena on the phone, but it’s up to you to buy what you want to fight. Starting a battle, the audience will watch the outcome of the battle with you and pay you money to watch the battle, and if the battle becomes grandiose, like in the Battle Royale tycoon, you will get huge profits!

 - SEASONAL UPDATES, which like in the Battle Royale tycoon, will delight you with their seasonal updates, which you should not forget, because with the advent of the new season, new opportunities will become available to you!

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