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Data updated on: 25-Feb-2022

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App Id: com.aabasoft.android.easypickup
App Size: 4.8M
Rating: 0
Installs: 500+
Pricing: Free
Version: 1.2
Supported Devices: Android v.4.4 and above
First Release: 08-May-2020

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Developer: Aabasoft
Developer ID: 7490436761998311196
Website: Link
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Everyone
Genre: Shopping
Updated Release: 13-May-2020

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Shopping and smart phones have been partnering for years now. But we have not fully exploited the brilliance the duo offers us, especially we being in a smart state like Kerala. In order to make the best of what it offers, Aabasoft Technologies have come up with the idea of Easy Pickup that takes you to the next level of online shopping in Kerala. Haven’t you always wanted to do shopping the easy way without any long queues to stand and without getting exhausted by the heavy traffic?! As a sensible Queue Management App, EasyPickup can evade the customers from standing in the long queues and save the shop owners from heavy rushes in their stores.

Through this app, you can do shopping just like the way you do in the physical space of your favourite stores. All items that your selected store sells, will be displayed in EasyPickup and you can easily add all that to your cart. The qualities Easy Pickup exhibits as Queue Management App comes to your aid at this point after you add items to your cart. How? There are no long queues unlike otherwise! This online shopping in Kerala is the doorway of the people here to enter the smart world of Virtual Shopping.

After you are done with shopping using EasyPickup, the app assumes the next role under its ability which is as a Home Delivery App for stores in Kerala. The store will notify you when your package is ready with your shopped items. You only need to drop by the shop at a time allotted by the store to procure your package. If the store provides you with home delivery options, then Easy Pickup app’s role as Home Deliver App can be put to rest. We are sure that home delivering items will be more convenient option for your, but for at least some stores in Kerala that is not a viable option and hence is the need of Home Delivery App in Kerala like EasyPickup.

Easy Pickup is the best explicit example of how useful an app can be! We are very hopeful that the convenience the app offers uplifts online shopping in Kerala to greater heights. The app is undoubtedly a total saver of queues as Queue Management App and effort saver as an E-commerce facilitating platform not just for the shoppers, but also for the shops! Making life easier and smarter is the very thought behind this app and we hope you enjoy this whole new level of shopping by downloading the app!

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