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Data updated on: 25-Nov-2021

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App Id: com.app.chatap4art1
App Size: 5.5M
Rating: 5
Installs: 5,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 2.0
Supported Devices: Android v.4.2 and above
First Release: 15-Jan-2021

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Developer: Giftapart Inc.
Developer ID: 6596615741788438971
Website: Link
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Teen
Genre: Social
Updated Release: 16-Jan-2021

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Easy, beautiful and private social media. Chatapart will never sell your data to anyone. USA based company with reputable leadership team created a social media platform that values your privacy and security. All communications through Chatapart are encrypted to the highest level available. Your data is locally stored on Chatapart servers, away from cloud intrusions and access.

UNCENSORED social media with free speech. Chatapart does not "fact check" you with biased fact-checkers, and allows an open, respectful and free-flowing dialogue of our differences whether they be politically or what apple pie is best. We don't interfere in your debate, but Chatapart does NOT allow hate speech, pornography, bullying, or posts that are meant to incite violence.

Easy cross-share your Chatapart posts to other social medias, like Facebook and Twitter. Make groups so others can easily follow you.

• Full, private social media functionality.
• Edit & customize your pics with filters, stickers, crop, text & more!
• Pictures stored in original resolution (up to 1GB).
• Features Include: Notifications; upload media; albums; groups; react to posts; tagging; hashtagging; privacy controls; and more!

• Beautiful, easy & amazing!
• Easily & quickly create custom event page, including date, time, location, description and add a custom theme color and photo.
• Link your gift & wish lists to your event — easy for guests to find*.
• Invite guests by email, social media, and more. Simply upload your contacts.
• Print-ready paper invite option or auto-design a screenshot-ready invite.
• Easily RSVP direct from email; guests can add a message to the RSVP.
• Manually override RSVP; and remind guests anytime.
• Full event social media with DM, full chat, picture and video sharing, and more. Easily & quickly upload media from the event — it’s saved permanently.
• Feature rich event guest control options: Custom RSVP; guests of guests; # of guests; sharing; child friendly; # of children; private/open guest list; private/open event; secret code; and more!

• Over 50,000,000 products sold by the biggest stores you trust. No third-party sellers — no counterfeit worries.
• Scan UPC barcodes to find & compare items from various retailers; scan & store loyalty cards.
• Like and dislike products, and chat about products.

• Chatapart incorporates the Giftapart method as featured on the 2020 CES Podcast as a top innovative technology.
• Mix items from various retailers. Save on shipping with “Group by retailer”.
• Private setting for surprise gifts.
• Decorate your gift with beautiful bows & gift wrap; customize header image.
• Make it easy for your contributors — all they do is select the number of parts to buy or select “custom contribution,” pay, and they’re done!
• Easy to share the list with family & friends using the built-in tools (email, across all major social media platforms & text message).
• A dedicated social media feed for the gift list: comments & full media upload; every contribution and its comment is linked.

• Full calendar features built into Chatapart. Add and see Moments (everyday activities) and Happenings (events and parties). Plus see gift lists, store promos, friends’ birthdays, events and gift lists.
• Quickly see and RSVP to your friends’ events on your own calendar.
• See Groups’ calendar entries — so it’s easy to plan and discuss group activities and events.

• User privacy controls
• Highest level of encryption
• Payments (in ecommerce*, optional) are safe and secure using Elavon — No credit card info stored

*Some features are currently available in the US & Canada only – rolling out into other geographical areas soon.

CONTACT US! For more information or to send feedback, visit info.chatapart.com or email [email protected]

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