Squid: Pixel challenge squid game

Do not move when the red light is on or you will be shooted
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Data updated on: 24-Nov-2021

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App Id: com.comp.Squi
App Size: 34M
Rating: 0
Installs: 1,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 9
Supported Devices: Android v.4.4 and above
First Release: 24-Oct-2021

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Developer: Арсений
Developer ID: 6671139756494267802
Website: notfound
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: notfound
Content Rating: Everyone
Genre: Puzzle
Updated Release: 30-Oct-2021

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Squid Game is a new product that has captured the attention of the world audience since mid-September this year. This squid game has conquered the top of the charts of streaming services in more than one hundred countries of the world. Squid - Fish Game Challenge is a fast-paced, engaging storyline, action game and immersive atmosphere. The essence of Squid has been born in the creative throes of director Hwang Do-Hyuk for over 10 years. The challenge of playing with squid shattered typical dramas. East Asian dramas are now perceived in a completely different way.

The prize pool of 46 billion won is impressive. Just to get a prize, you have to go all the way: survive or die. Win a challenge, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

In the press, you can find Timustliev's quote: "The squid survival game will bring you so much money that it will be enough for all psychotherapy sessions to rehabilitate yourself after all the rounds." The challenge is dynamic and unpredictable, no one can say what will happen next.

Game process

The main character of the action is the addicted Song Ki Hoon. He lives on the edge of poverty and despair. And suddenly he meets a man in the underground underground, offering to get rich by playing fish games. Several days pass, and the main character finds himself in an unknown place, where the same 455 people are waiting for the start of the game.

Days start to drag on - day after day. Participants of the Squid Game Challenge begin to play among themselves in "harmless pranks":

· Tug of war;

· Green and red colors;

· Glass stones;

· Sugar honeycomb.

But there are no losers in these games. They are simply destroyed in front of other players. The insane world and the actions are drawing deeper and deeper into each player, because everyone wants to survive.

Some of the tasks immediately became network memes. Try to make a figure out of dalgon: there is no room for error. The reward from the squid is a lead bullet.

Not everyone can dare to start the gameplay. Rest assured, fear will be replaced by curiosity in a couple of hours. And after a few days you will not recognize yourself. And this is just the beginning.

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