Fire and Glory: Blood War

Live the age of the ancient Spartan empires and unleash your strategic fantasy!
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Data updated on: 24-Feb-2022

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App Id: com.fireandglory.wonderwar
App Size: 211M
Rating: 4.4
Installs: 100,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 1.0.048
Supported Devices: Android v.4.4 and above
First Release: 28-Aug-2020

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Developer: KOOFEI
Developer ID: 8387559248388222965
Website: notfound
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Everyone 10+
Genre: Strategy
Updated Release: 12-Feb-2022

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This is Sparta!
Bring your fantasy alive, witness the rise of your empire, and set a new age of empires that will carry your vainglory over the centuries to come.

Fire and Glory is not just another game of thrones where kingdoms fall and rise over eons. Here empires are built and destroyed every minute. Kings are ousted and heroes become legends carved in the stones of time in each of the thousands of battles that rage rampant all over the epic kingdoms.
This ain’t time to slack off. If you want to sleep your way to greatness, then there are plenty of “strategy” game out there. But if you want to have a taste of the real meaning of the words glory, war, legend, and power, then download Fire and Glory and prepare for the most epic adventure you ever had in your hands, no pun intended…maybe.
Once you installed and made an account, your journey to epicness will have only one destination: fulfill your wildest fantasy of vainglory, wealth, and power, your real final fantasy.

“Ok, but how do I build my kingdom?”.
You will need to manage your resources like rubble, log, copper, wheat, bronze coins, and gold. Gather them from the cluster of resources you find in the map or pillage your neighbors, imagine their faces when they wake up finding their city on fire. After that you need to ponder your strategy in how you manage your resources by investing them in over 20 different buildings with 30 levels of upgrade each, adding soldiers to your army, and powering up your heroes.
“Am I alone In doing this?”.
Since the very first second in this game, you should join one of the hundreds of alliances. They will be glad to add more Spartans to their ranks and they will support and help you in any effort of yours. Alliances always watch your back when you are not playing and will look after your kingdom. Many real-world friendships are born first in alliances in Fire and Glory, and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

“What is so exciting about alliances?”.
Well, one single word: rallies. Rally with your alliance mates and attack your enemies, or attack alliances that you deem worthy of your value. Participate in alliance events and gain enough resources to power yourself up. Last but not least, the capital. Rally it with your friends and conquer it. You will get titles and bonuses and resources and fame and glory and gold and…you got it by now.

“Sounds exciting, but how do I become that strong?”.
Well, unfortunately, eating your veggies, doing some push-ups and crunches is not enough here. You will have to enhance your war and tech buildings. The war buildings will give you stronger elite soldiers and power them up with better equipment, as well as enhance your defense systems. And no, you won’t have Gandalf standing up on top of the wall shouting: ”You shall not pass”…but we do have something similar. While the tech buildings will give you the knowledge (E=mc2 = power) to develop skills essential for your grinding.

“Will have control someone like Arthas from WoW?”
Traitors have no place in Fire and Glory, that is why Glory is our second name. But yes, you will have control of your personal hero. You can customize him/her, power him/her up with lots of different equips of legendary and epic quality. Your hero is the one who will lead your immortal Spartans to war, to victory or…dine together in hell.

“Once I got stronger, how will I have some fun?”.
You can Leroy Jenkins in every battle that presents to you, slay dragons, minotaurs, skeletons, chimeras, behemoths, titans, spiders, nagas, and all sorts of creature that you can find from the monster manual of Dungeons & Dragons

PLEASE NOTE: Fire and Glory is completely FREE to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please enable password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app. A network connection is also required.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided above may be inaccurate or wrong, and these information and statistics may be just predicted values and some datas are gathered from external websites and services.

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