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Stop reading, start studying!
Meet the Inductive Bible Study App.

The Inductive Bible Study app inspires people to spend time with God everyday. It is a beautiful, easy to use, full featured Bible app with amazing videos and multiple translations designed for quick navigation, easy notes taking and powerful Bible study. Students of the Bible will find engaging and interactive studies on various topics that bring clarity to the biblical principles.

The Inductive Bible Study App includes many popular translations such as Amplified Bible, King James version (KJV), The Message (MSG), New American Standard Bible (NASB) for free. You can easily navigate between translations and take your study of God’s Word to a higher level. Explore the depth of Old Testament and New Testament passages in the Inductive Bible Study app along with an integrated Strong’s Concordance with Hebrew and Greek lexicon.

Discover the meaning of prophecies found in the book of Revelation which have fascinated Christians for centuries. Gain clarity on what it means to be “saved” with this simple app for easy understanding of God’s word.

What is Inductive Bible Study?
Inductive Bible Study allows individuals to gain greater personal insight into Holy Scripture by using three simple steps:
1.) Observation – See what the Scripture says.
2.) Interpretation – Understand what the Scripture means.
3.) Application – Determine the best way to put God’s Word into practice.


- Interactive study plans to engage students with Q&A, videos, diagrams, word studies, and more.
- Mark keywords easily with images or "letterings" (font adjustments such as box, underline, highlight, etc.) for better keyword referencing.
- Easily compare any verse in multiple versions such as Amplified Bible, King James version (KJV), The Message (MSG), New American Standard Bible (NASB).
- Specify a theme for each chapter. This enables you to walk through the chapter at a glance.
- Group related verses in a chapter together using "Division Themes."
- Understand the meaning of each word and find the cross references by using the built in Bible dictionary.
- A full concordance allows you to view every use of a particular word in the Holy Bible.
- Insert and edit notes easily with just one touch without changing the screens.
- Bookmark your favorite scriptures, topics, verses and keywords for quick future reference or to do your own personal studies.
- Share bible verses easily with your friends and family through Facebook, twitter or any social platform directly from the app.
- Change font sizes easily as per your comfort and convenience.
- Subscribe for full access to all the current and future lessons on the Old & New Testament and get the ultimate Bible learning experience

When beginning the study of each passage, you will see a devotional styled introduction followed by its focus verses and word studies of the important keywords in that Scripture. You can also easily create markings for those keywords. The insightful study plans found in the app make interpretation of the words of our Lord Jesus easy with the help of commentary, pictures & videos.

Immerse yourself into the Bible learning experience with easy application of Bible teachings. Every study plan ends with some questions for you where you can easily answer them and enjoy the process of self- assessment. The questions are based on practical day to day life experiences with challenging steps you can take to grow closer to God.

This online Bible App will help you understand salvation and achieve a better understanding of Christianity through your study of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

God bless!

Privacy policy - http://inductivebiblestudyapp.com/privacy
Terms & Conditions - http://inductivebiblestudyapp.com/terms-conditions

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