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App Id: com.mars.forpaws
App Size: 23M
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Installs: 10,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Supported Devices: Android v.6.0 and above
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Developer: Mars Incorporated
Developer ID: 6361580258993916865
Website: Link
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Teen
Genre: Lifestyle
Updated Release: 15-Nov-2021

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forPaws is a community based app with the mission to get lost dogs reunited with their owners. We use advanced AI facial recognition technology to scan your dog’s face and help pet rescuers to easily identify the right owner.

The app is currently only available in Bangalore. More cities are coming soon.

What is it about?

We want pet parents and pet rescuers to have an easy process to a common & severe problem. Having a lost dog is nerve racking and complicated, because finding it means either looking at databases, animal shelters, printing flyers or worst case just hoping that your pet returns. This can be changed. We developed a lightweight process with AI scans of dogs’ faces and community activities to get the best out of two worlds, relieved owners and happy rescuers. And all of it is completely free, because we at MARS really care about our beloved ones.

For dog owners - the hooman part 🙋‍♂️

• Create a single profile for your whole pet family and add an unlimited amount of dogs to it
• Scan your pet’s face so we can identify it when it gets lost. It only takes one photo
• Our AI face recognition uses multiple facial markers on dogs for precise accuracy, recognizes over 130 dog breeds and identifies fur color and inconsistencies. The powerful technology even adapts to surroundings and lighting conditions while making a photo and identifies a dog’s face with over 90% accuracy
• Easily set your beloved dog to a missing status with one tap and let a large network of pet lovers, rescuers & shelters across your city find it in real time
• Add a photo of your pet once every few months so our machine learning algorithm identifies it best when it ages

For pet rescuers - easy as woof 🐶

• Found a missing dog and want to return it to the owner?
• Scan the dogs face with one picture only and let our AI do the search for you
• See pets that are currently missing in your approximate location based on the photo you’ve made of the rescued dog. Our facial recognition technology will identify how likely your rescued dog fits to the search results and shows the best match at the top. No need to crawl through vast amounts of databases
• Contact owners with one button
• Reunite a lost pet quickly

A community of pet lovers 🦮

• Join community discussions with other pet parents and gain favourable insights
• Read articles about dog culture, behavior and best practices for your pet
• Grow your knowledge and inspire others over time

Privacy by design

forPaws is very privacy orientated. This is why we focused on your pet’s information. There is no login required for pet rescuers to report a lost dog to their owners and you decide how much information you want to share in your owner’s profile. In addition, the pet information is only visible to others if the dog is reported missing to be able to find it and it is your choice what to share in our pet parents’ community discussions

Your feedback 👅

We welcome your reviews and suggestions. Your feedback helps us to continuously develop and improve our AI dog finder app. You can find more information about the service at: www.forpaws.com

Be part of the forPaws community and enjoy the helpful interactions between pet owners and pet rescuers with our smart AI face recognition technology for lost dogs and become a well guided pet parent with our learning materials and knowledge exchanges.

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