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App Id: com.mei
App Size: notfound
Rating: 4.1
Installs: 500,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 4.4.8-Prod
Supported Devices: Android v.4.4 and above
First Release: 19-Sep-2018

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Developer: Messages + AI
Developer ID: 4838747547790416769
Website: Link
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Everyone
Genre: Communication
Updated Release: 07-Sep-2022

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TO OUR LOYAL USERS - Due to upcoming changes in Play Store policy, we may soon have to modify our services. We will provide more details soon.

Mei is an upgrade to the SMS/MMS texting app that came with your phone, combining all the best features in messaging with ones you can't find anywhere else.

Made by developers who saw the need for a more complete messaging app and were tired of the same features recycled over and over by other apps. So, we set out to create one that can provide everything users may want and couldn't even dream of, giving users choice in every step, a way to discover others and even earn rewards.

To start, our app is the only one with an optional advanced AI assistant named Mei (pronounced ‘May’) that can give personalized information about your conversations. Imagine Mei as an expert adviser or best friend, who's always there to give only you advice or any tidbit she notices in your conversations.

What's the best way to talk to someone? Does your friend sound a little different today? Does someone you just met seem romantically interested?

Mei can recognize insights and personalities of your contacts as you chat or just from the messages saved in your phone (you don't even have to text through our app first!) The AI is designed to make you better informed, ultimately leading to better conversations and relationships.

Chat for free internationally and securely because we're the first messaging app to offer RCS (the upgrade to SMS sent via internet) that's end-to-end encrypted when messaging other users. Similar to iMessage with its blue and green bubble system, messages fall back to SMS/MMS (green bubble) when chatting with non-users.

Fully customize the app with theme colors and backgrounds. Organize chats into folders and bulk message custom groups. Even import chats from other messaging apps and turn them into SMS.

Discover others via polling and the "Stream" where we can connect you with people, news and products based on your messages. Even earn credits toward your phone bill by using the app with our micro-transactions system.

Compatible with MightyText, Pushbullet and mySMS for desktop and web access (our own desktop version coming soon). Mei syncs with any Android smartwatch, watch or wearable.

Key AI Features:
- AI assistant can be turned on or off freely
- Gives you personalized advice on how to better communicate
- Understands personality and demographic differences
- Can tell relationship intent such as romantic or friendly (even reveal secret feelings embedded in the messages)
- Detect changes in behavior and mood

Unique Non-AI Features:
- Conversations automatically organized into folders (inc. spam)
- Create custom folders and labels
- Import conversations from WhatsApp and Line
- Earn credits for interacting with Mei, ads and participating in anonymous polling

Other Key Features:
- Fully customizable, including dark mode and monochrome theme
- Schedule messages or cancel them before they send
- Supports dual sim
- Audio / Voice messages
- Mesh messaging may be coming soon

When Messaging Other Mei Users…
- Rich Communication Service (RCS) chat
- End-to-end encryption
- Message internationally for free
- Disappearing messages, deleted after they’re read
- Expiring messages, deleted after a set time

Our two apps, Mei and Messages Improved, are clones sharing many of the same features. Messages Improved has more of a commercial focus, where we experiment with ads and connecting users with products and services they want. It allows Mei to maintain its focus on personal relationships and exchanging opinions.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided above may be inaccurate or wrong, and these information and statistics may be just predicted values and some datas are gathered from external websites and services.

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