Mini Town-Impostor Hide & Seek

Find true impostor in town, Play hide and seek to identify among crew mates kids
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Data updated on: 23-Nov-2021

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App Id: com.minitown.impostor.among.master.town
App Size: 53M
Rating: 3.6
Installs: 100,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 1.5
Supported Devices: Android v.5.0 and above
First Release: 02-Jun-2021

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Developer: Mini Town
Developer ID: 8667259657274095800
Website: Link
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Everyone
Genre: Adventure
Updated Release: 19-Nov-2021

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Explore Mini town to find the Impostor in red roam among the ship members in Min town, make sure to find the real crewmates and the real traitors in this hide and seek impostor game. Explore the ship in mini town to find the truth behind your crew. As this My Mini Town has a teacher, friend, granny vs impostor crewmates. and the real impostor is in your crew mates try to survive while completing tasks in this hide and seek kids game. Find out the real identity of the impostor to win as crew mates in games for boys. Explore all the rooms to discover the secrets of the Mini Town and catch crew mates in action for the survival of the impostor. Tap on all the objects in the town to learn more about his beautiful Mini town of impostors. Practice doing tasks by pressing the task items, tap on each side to explore your town neighborhood, granny hose and impostor roaming around. Move them around and position them to get practice for completing tasks like you do in mini town impostor games for girls. Complete all the tasks and get rewarded. The impostors will fail if all the tasks are completed and you won't be able to find the real impostor amongst us in your very own new Mini town game with yellow, green and red impostor.

Mini town is at stake as impostors compete against crewmates. You really want to know who is the impostor and play one of the best 2021 Impostor town games? Explore your town the impostors and crewmates compete to take control of the town as a rea spy. Impostors will prevent task completion to get victory amongst us. Explore the different rooms in this impostor town to sabotage the ship of town where imposter and crewmates are ready to play hide and seek. By sabotaging functions of the ship town and finding the real impostor spying among other impostors disrupt crewmates, preventing them from completing tasks in games for kids. It is a race to see which side can complete their objectives of town games kids. Impostors want to knock out the crew mates so that they can take over the town. One by one, those who are alone with an impostor will be found missing in this Mino Town Impostor game for kids.

The town meeting decides who to eject red impostors hide online girls games. Discuss and vote to find the impostors solo; as the real spy among other imposters will fool the crew mates into blaming each other. Get familiar with the ship mini-town to prove your innocence to your teammates if you want to survive. A teammate has been found missing in kids games. An emergency meeting will be called for all ship town members. Who is the impostor? Is it red, blue or green among hide and seek games?

This is a fun kids game where it is impossible to hide online while a spy is among imposter running and ill treating its crew mates. Can you tell which part of the town ship you were at when your teammates went missing among other impostors? If you were a solo impostor completing a task did someone see you or saw someone spying in impostor games. Which mini town task were you doing? Or will you be found? Were you caught being an impostor? Remember to be careful so you are not revealed in new 2021 hide and seek games for kids!

Mini Town : Imposter Hide and Seek Play Game for kids Features:

- Many rooms to explore in your mini town spaceship
- Interact with items and objects to practice completing tasks of impostors
- Interact with teammates: Both friends and enemies and learn town rules
- a real time fun town hide and seek game for kids, boys and girls
- Super addictive missions with amazing sounds

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