Squid Run 456 Survival Game

A quick squid 456 survival game.
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Data updated on: 29-Nov-2021

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App Id: hyper.jumping.running.games
App Size: 88M
Rating: 0
Installs: 10,000+
Pricing: Free
Version: 1.3
Supported Devices: Android v.9 and above
First Release: 03-Jul-2021

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Developer: Bazzigate
Developer ID: 4991880578217787746
Website: Link
Contact: [email protected]
Privacy: Link
Content Rating: Everyone
Genre: Role Playing
Updated Release: 05-Nov-2021

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icon of Squid Run 456 Survival Game Description of Squid Run 456 Survival Game

It's time to surprise the fans of squid games. Because this 456 survival challenge is designed with a new theme of squid run as 456 survival of octopus games.

Tap to run and jump as squid runner, avoid the doll of squid challenge and other enemies in this 456 survival game. Collect coins as 456 player games to be the billionaire as 456 of squid survival game.

In the rush of squid games, we have designed this squid survival game with a new survival game thrill of squid game challenge. We are sure you’ll like this survival runner of squid survival and billionaire game more than red light green light of k challenge. Because the idea of 456 layer games is totally unique from dalgona candy sugar honeycombs, k-games, 456, 001, marbles, red light, squid survival challenge, green light, tug-of-war, glass stepping stones and the squid game.

For the fans of the squid game, this one is a gift as a 456 survival game which will make them crazy to play k games challenge of octopus games to run, jump and avoid dolls to survive in K-games as master of squid survival games.

Squid survival game is designed with new game challenges of 456 survival. Purpose of this running survival game is to provide a new experience of squid challenge to the lover of squid games. You’ll feel the thrill of runner challenge as squid to tap quickly as 456 player, jump and pass the doll of 456 survival game to collect coins as survival and become the richest of squid run. You are not bound in red light green light because the running theme of this 456 survival challenge game is unique from other squid games.

There are many best squid games but this new survival challenge is designed with unique gameplay of 456 player games as survival runner. If you are looking for the best squid games to play and enjoy the thrill of K-games as a 456 survival game. This runner challenge game is going to be your next favorite survival game of the squid games. Keep running and avoid enemies of octopus games and win 456 to become billionaire or die in squid game survival run challenge of this 456 survival game.

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