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Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese global technology corporation based in Beijing's Haidian District, specialising in Internet-related services and devices and artificial intelligence (AI).

It is one of the world's leading AI and Internet businesses. The group's holding firm is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. Baidu was incorporated by Robin Li and Eric Xu in January 2000.

In the Alexa Internet charts, the Baidu search engine is actually the fourth biggest website (in 2020). Baidu has its roots in RankDex, an earlier search engine created in 1996 by Robin Li, before Baidu was founded in 2000.

Baidu operates a wide range of applications, including a Chinese search engine, as well as Baidu Maps, a navigation tool. Baidu provides over 57 group and search facilities, such as Baidu Baike (an online encyclopaedia), Baidu Wangpan (a cloud computing service), and Baidu Tieba (a chat site focused on keywords).

Baidu is the world's second-largest search engine and has a 76.05 per cent market share of the search engine market in China. Baidu became the first Chinese corporation to be listed in the NASDAQ-100 index in December 2007.

Baidu's market cap rose to US$99 billion as of May 2018. Baidu became the first Chinese corporation to join the AI Collaboration of the United States-based tech ethics consortium in October 2018.

Updated on: 31-Jul-2022

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