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Apps: Cloudflare offers a number of premium and free apps that can improve the user experience.

Analytics: The analytics helps you to see comprehensive analytics on your website, including page visit information, a number of crawled pages, the amount of bandwidth saved using Cloudflare, and several other features.

Rocket Loader: This feature is only intended for experienced users. This dramatically decreases the page load time by loading all the Asynchronous JavaScript code.

Firewall: To deter attacks on the website, the threat control mechanism makes White List and Black List IP, IP ranges or a whole world.

Development Mode: This option is helpful when you make regular improvements to your website and briefly want Cloudflare to disable caching.

Page Rules: helps you to define certain rules for a specific page or a group of similar pages.

Scrap Shield: it can protect your website contents like emails, images, etc.

Workers and Workers KV: helps you to Run JavaScript on the edge and also in storing datas.

Updated on: 15-Nov-2020

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