Cloudflare for CDN and Security

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Cloudflare is a great service of the CDN category that defends against threats such as injection of SQL and stealing of identity. Through using its various data centres situated across the globe, Cloudflare also increases site efficiency and accelerates loading times.

The network of Cloudflare behaves as a massive VPN. This suggests that by being physically routed to the nearest server, a site user can reach the website.

What this suggests is simple: the nearer the data centre, the easier the user can load your page.

For the visitors, Cloudflare optimises the distribution of website services. The data centres of Cloudflare serve the static capital of your website and call for dynamic content from your originating web server.

The geographically dispersed Cloudflare anycast network routes visitor requests to the closest data centre of Cloudflare. Cloudflare distributed DNS replies with Cloudflare IP addresses to website users for traffic that you proxy to Cloudflare. This also offers protection by covering the web server's unique IP address of origin.

Updated on: 15-Nov-2020

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