How does Proportional Pinch Valve work?

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Pinch valves are widely used in the industrial process when you are utilizing Pinch valves. Then there is no corrosion and contamination of the valves. A proportional pinch valve employs an elastic tubing(sleeve/hose), which closes and opens during the flow of the liquid or gas. There is also a device that is directly connected with the tubing body, The device forces the tubing to open and close during the flow of liquid. Air actuated valves contain an elstisticied force which reinforce the rubber hose.In air operated pinch valves the rubber hoses are press fitted and centered exactly into the housing ends. 

The proportional solenoid valve closed as soon as the pressurized air supply into the body. When the air pressure is interrupted and the volume of the air exhausts the elastic rubber hose strats to open and the proportional pinch valve starts to open. The whole process of the opening and closing of the pneumatic pinch valve is just automatic and remotely controlled.

In this article, we are discussing the working process of the proportional control valve:

The components of the Pinch Valves:

There are three major components of the proportional pinch valve and these components work in tandem to perform the whole functionality of the Pinch valves.

The three major components of the Pinch valves are:

  • A housing
  • Rubber sleeves
  • End connection

1: A housing:

The housing is the complete structure or the frame of the pinch hydraulic proportional valve and the rubber sleeves are fitted in this portion. The housing provides the pinch proportional control valve a shape and a structure. 

2:Rubber sleeves:

In PInch proportional flow control valve the rubber sleeves are fitted in the housing and allow rthe inle and the outlet flow of the material and it is the only material which is in direct contact of the media coming outside from the valves. The rubber sleeves open and close to allow any material to pass through the proportional pinch valves.

3:End connection:

When you ask what is a proportional valve? Connected with then it is the end connection which is normally bilted, screwed or threaded at each end point to provide the support and connection to the valves.

Working of the Pinch Valves:

The proportional pinch valve is open is a normal position and at this position it is unpressurized and it allows the substances to pass through it. When the air pressure is applied to the valves. Then it pushes down the rubber and closes under the flow of the liquid and causes a pinching effect. When the rubber sleeve is completely closed then the flow of the liquid is completely stopped and at this position, the valves are completely closed

The conventional valves can cause a leakage, where the particles can collect around the valves; the proportional pinch valve provides an excellent condition to open and close the flow of the liquid or gas. Due to their excellent closing and opening properties, these are widely used int eh industries.

Updated on: 31-Jul-2022

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