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Another common alternative that uses the same methodology as is GridPane, which is a server control panel that can be connected to any cloud hosting service to conveniently host WordPress pages.

GridPane, however, is 100 per cent WordPress-focused, unlike RunCloud, which enables it to adapt the entire stack for WordPress pages. Specifically, GridPane uses an Nginx-stack that very easily loads the domain.

It also offers you helpful features, such as staging sites for WordPress, backups, firewalls, and more.

The only drawback is that the price of GridPane makes it pretty pricey if you do need to host a single server. For GridPane itself the cheapest option is $30 per month, which requires limitless cloud servers. You'll still need to pay the cloud computing company directly, as with RunCloud.

Overall, for agencies or individuals developing client sites that need multiple cloud servers, GridPane is a decent choice, while RunCloud is definitely a great option for individual users only trying to host a few sites because it's more economical.

Updated on: 16-Nov-2020

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