Imgur and it's History

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Created by Alan Schaaf in 2009, Imgur is an American online image sharing network and image host. The service especially those posted on Reddit has become famous for hosting viral images and memes.

Imgur's user group has expanded dramatically since the site's launch. In an attempt to get the group ever together, self-named 'Imgurians' have generated a lot of content.

Such image hosts, such as Photobucket, ImageShack, and TinyPic, were overtaken in 2013 by Imgur.

IMGUR had 93,000 page views in the first month. In 2012, Imgur's former content distribution network (CDN), Imgur, according to EdgeCast, served more pictures in 10 minutes than in the entire Library of Congress.

300 million images were uploaded in 2012, 364 billion image views were counted, and 42 petabytes of data were transmitted.

Updated on: 31-Jul-2022

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