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A state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool is QuillBot. It is the best rewriter possible for an essay, and it will absolutely paraphrase a whole article free of charge. Only insert a statement, then press the "Paraphrase" button. Though preserving the original definition, QuillBot would then rephrase the content.

For quick paraphrasing, Quillbot is such a helpful place. We get the writing finished in half the time. The devs really did a wonderful job of integrating all the resources and functions. And, the site is very easy to use!

To help students and practitioners write more easily and with more faith, QuillBot was built as a full-sentence thesaurus. Our users have found many innovative ways to use our product, including, among others, the preparation of doctoral theses, the development of legal emails, and text translation!

Updated on: 12-Nov-2020

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