How to Beat Writers Quote in QuoteMaker App?

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“You can always edit bad pages, you can’t edit blank pages” - Jodi Picoult

This one linear sentence is so inspired to write your own quotes and share them with others to be inspired. Start to write and you can go miles with your inspired words. 

Have you ever troubleshoot to put your words into a paper? Have you ever been afraid to show your talent to other people? Have no idea where to start postings? Don’t know the place to share your words? Don’t know where your audience is who is able to read your post? Have a fear of those who read your posts? Have fear if anyone can comment on something unnatural? 

Well writer you are not alone.

Yes, you are not alone who posts your words to motivate others. There are so many writers who post their words and motivate others to do well in their life. But one question arises more often than where to post your words, Right?

Then here we give you the best Addictive writer platform where you can post your words without any fear. QuoteMaker is the best Writing Platform where everyone can share their words to motivate others. We must be sure that you definitely find your targeted audience who can appreciate your work and also so many best writer’s posts that help you to write other best posts and share others. You can share your write-ups like Shayari, Quotes, Gazals, Haiku, Short Stories, Status, and much more things.        

Who Holds you back?

Now Right question is, who holds you to write your words? So we all know that whenever anyone can start their first posting then there is one fear about how everyone can react to your post? Who can understand your words? 

But writers everyone has these types of questions but don’t be afraid to share your words, here our QuoteMaker Writers always appreciate new writers and also appreciate your words by sharing, commenting, and liking your Quotes. Our QuoteMaker community can Share Top Of The Week every week to appreciate our Best QuoteMaker writers. So, Stop thinking, and Start Writing in the QuoteMaker app.

Quick Exercise to Beat Writers Quote…

Here are some of the Quick exercises to beat our QuoteMaker writers' quotes, to build your own identity.

You can share your words in many ways, and present them in different ways so that people can like your quotes. This is the thing that everyone wants some unique stuff, this is the key of every writer. So, here are some key exercises to your quotes…

  1. One-liner quotes
  2. Long Quotes
  3. Short Story Telling Quotes
  4. 3-words Quote
  5. Show your emotions with Emoji 

1. One-Linear Quote:

Write a one-linear quote with beautiful images that relate to your quote. Eye-catchy images are the main thing in your quote that can attract your audience to read your quote and follow your most recent quotes. Give motivation to others with your one-line quote. Nowadays everyone likes one    

2. Long Quotes

Not everyone likes to write a one-liner quote, some people love to write long and that type of quote has some deep meaning to share with others. There is another way to share your words in a quote post. Write your long quotes on a photo that relate to your write-ups and share these quotes with your family and friends also share in your social media and get other more audience who can read your write-ups   

3. Short Story Telling quotes

Share some stories like a quote, and inspire others with your short stories. Everyone likes these types of short stories. You get much faster followers by posting Short stories. 

4. 3-Words Quote

You have to write a 3-word quote like Life, Love, Leave-in these three words have a deep meaning try to write these types of writings, choose any one letter and write 3 words of these latter.

5. Show your emotions with Emoji

The best thing to share emojis in your quotes because everyone understands your emotions well with emojis. With the use of emojis, your quote looks great and eye-catchy. So what you are up to just write your quotes with emojis.

These are key exercises to beat a writer’s quote, implement this in your quotes and increase your likes, comments, and shares.

Updated on: 31-Jul-2022

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