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Although some people know SiteGround for its affordable sharing plans, SiteGround also provides more costly cloud VPS hosting that makes scaling and dedicated services simpler for you.

As with the joint arrangements, the online hosting of SiteGround is powered by Google Cloud. The main distinction, though, is that you get dedicated services, as well as all the functionality from the shared plans of SiteGround, such as staging areas, caching at the server level, and more.

The cloud hosting plans for SiteGround start at $80 a month for 3 CPU cores, 6 GB of memory, and 40 GB of storage.

In contrast with other cloud options, this is a little more pricey. For instance, it will give you 4 CPU cores, 8 GM of memory, and 160 GB of storage to pay that price on Cloudways/DigitalOcean. Even, it could be worth it for those who like SiteGround and want to stick with SiteGround.

Updated on: 16-Nov-2020

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