How does TamilRockers website work?

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You would definitely be thinking that even if the website is banned by the government, how the website will operate seamlessly and with ease is possible. Despite its vast range of movies, TV shows, and other interesting media material, the TamilRockers website, as you know, does not host any of the content available on the website.

The only thing that the website does is guide visitors to the websites hosting the pirated material via external links. So you can watch your dream movie without any sort of interference by external sources or any other entertainment media.

While the website does not upload any pirated content, pirated content is funded and encouraged by it. The TamilRockers website also updates or changes the website's domain names on an ongoing basis. Therefore, with the aid of numerous proxy connections, the website is away from government officials. is the official website of Tamilrockers.

Updated on: 29-Nov-2020

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