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With Tolgee, developers are not involved in localization process after the process of development itself. They develop the app, integrate Tolgee integration libraries and deploy an instance, where translators can change the localization texts in the context of web application. Texts are then synchronized with Tolgee server (REST API) and there is no need for developers to be part of the localization process.

  1. Develop your app
  2. Integrate Tolgee
  3. Let translators do their job


  • All in One localization solution for your App 🙌
  • Localization management platform 🎈
  • Manage screenshots 📷
  • Comment on translations 💬
  • Tag keys 🏷️
  • Out of box in-context localization for web 🎉
  • Automated screenshot generation for web 📷
  • Open-source 🔥
Updated on: 31-Jul-2022

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