Tradingview's charts for analysis work

title image of Tradingview's cha... is an HTML5 based charting platform with a freemium model. The simple, elegant, fast, web-based charts of TradingView are certainly their asset.

When using TradingView maps, Have yet to see a charting kit that gets similar to the user experience they provide. When zooming in and out, they're smooth, as opposed to jerky-like any other charting platform we've seen. When using a TradingView map, there is indescribable ease and happiness relative to every other chart.

You can see the designers that each detail is carefully planned out like where each button will be, how the sidebar looks, it looks designed down to the animation of populating a textbox.

Furthermore, it is one of the few charting kits that at least seems new. Because of the clunkiness and aged style, most charting packages sound like they were made in years back.

Updated on: 29-Nov-2020

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