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Introduction to WordPress Mafia

WordPress Mafia is a free resource for WordPress bloggers. Here you can learn from beginning with WordPress to the best way to manage your site.

You can also learn about WordPress SEO, site optimization, best hosting, plugins and themes suggestions.

The contents of this site are not limited to WordPress itself. You can learn everything that has a relation to WordPress.

Establishment of WordPress Mafia

WordPress Mafia has begun to publish in 2010. However, due to some issues, it was closed from the end of 2017. Now, WordPress Mafia is back with slightly changed objectives in the competitive market.

Reasons to Visit WordPress Mafia

The main attraction that makes WordPress Mafia differ from others.

  1. Well researched suggestions about WordPress tools like plugins, themes, etc.
  2. Solutions of very minor problems that no one wants to waste time writing on.
  3. Unbiased reviews and comparison of Hosting, plugins and themes.
  4. Free WordPress site setup service for readers.
  5. Free basic SEO service for readers.
  6. Live support from Facebook.

In summary, you can visit WordPress Mafia, if you are planning to start a blog or making a website using WordPress. The free services and free premium guides will help you to achieve the goal faster.

Updated on: 09-Jun-2021

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