Netflix's Squid Game is the latest Internet sensation after Money Heist.

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Since its premiere on 17 September 2021, Squid Game, a Netflix Korean program, has achieved huge popularity in several areas. The financial battles of people throughout the world are dark, survival-dystopian and the many people who run up their debts would go wherever to achieve economic stability.

Though it is sombre, its gloomy history and the image of class imbalance in real life excite the public.

The show consists of about 456 people and participants who decided to take part in a series of games to win a prize of $45 billion. They can face deaths, including death, for this big monetary reward, if any of the games are lost.

With review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Squid Game soon became a critic favourite with an assessed rating of 94% or 8/10. At Netflix, it was the first Korean drama to enter the top 10 weekly TV series on the globe on the platform. After the Spanish thriller Money Heist, it seems to be the next major program.

News by: Nets4 Added on: 08-Oct-2021 Updated on: 08-Oct-2021

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