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On the market, there are several tools for removing image backgrounds. Have you ever been wondering about how a background remover works? Today, I'll try to describe a few situations in which we could want to apply a background remover.

The majority of best photo graphic maker online all have a background remover, which would offer similar features, such as using AI calculating to help you make a transparent image in a single click. Fotor can allow you to manually modify the areas you don't want to be removed, it is not the totally same. So, when I explain about the stages, I'll use Fotor as an example.

Creating Pure Background Avatar for SNS and ID Photos

This is the most basic background removal function. People usually think of a photo with a solid color background when they hear the term "background remover." You may use this function to create portrait shots with a white, red, or blue background. The steps in Fotor is firstly open its background remover page. Then you can upload your shot and remove the background in one click. Then Using the retain brush and removal brush, color the parts you want to keep and remove. And lastly change the background color and download it. 

There's also a surprise for Jujutsu Kaisen anime fans: if you want to make a Jujutsu Kaisen student ID, you may use Fotor to remove your portrait background, then go to the Jujutsu Kaisen official website and get an electronic version of your student ID. Isn't it cool?

Creating Promotional Posters 

This is another common application of background remover. Make a one-of-a-kind business poster by converting your product images to a transparent background and then using any business templates in Fotor to create a one-of-a-kind business poster that will attract the attention of potential buyers.

Creating Signature

Do you frequently require electronic contracts and electronic signatures, but you're frustrated by differences in each signature you make? Or on your brand logo, where you wish to add your signature. Now you may now write a signature, take a photo, remove the background, edit it in Fotor, apply any sticker or effect, and use it on your brand badge or social accounts cover.

Make Transparent PNG

A large number of transparent PNG images may be required by designers. They may now photograph landscapes and animals and upload them to Fotor. Alternatively, they may import their drawings into Fotor. To make these imported photos transparent PNGs, apply some effects, and quickly transform them into stickers, use the background remover option. Maybe they could sell these original stickers to people who need them.


All above is four common situations would used background remover. Now you must know the amazing of AI background remover? Perhaps AI video upscaling will also catch your interest.

Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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