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Have you ever wanted to create your own YouTube videos but lacked the confidence or skills to do so? Do you have no way of increasing the number of likes and views on your YouTube videos but still want to generate money? People watch interesting videos on YouTube, therefore we need to think about what sort of content can increase their inserting first.

Determine the subject of your video

Imagine yourself as everyone in your around who enjoys watching YouTube videos, and consider themes that would be of interest to them. If you were your parents, what would you do? You may watch travel vlogs, cooking, fishing, and sports videos? If you were your younger or older sisters or brothers, you may watch anime, games, cos-related, pet or humorous videos? Assuming you are your boyfriend or girlfriend, which video would you prefer? Do you prefer shopping, cosmetical, or Lego videos? Do you prefer product tested or furniture set up videos? Or challenge videos? Or sharing videos? Of course, you may utilize your skills to create videos such as playing the piano, the violin, or do some painting, and homemade items.

After you've figured out what kinds of videos people enjoy and have some filming ideas, you can go to Youtube and see how many likes and views these videos have. Choose similar hashtags to see a lot of comments on these videos. What people prefer about these kinds of themes will be revealed in the comments area. This may serve as motivation.

Make a video shoot schedule

Determine your own distinctive filming style by studying comparable video shooting techniques, camera motions, character wear, and shooting situations. Pay attention to the background music, subtitle fonts, color matching, special effects, and other aspects of these videos, then duplicate and create until you develop your own style. You have complete control over the duration of the video. While short films might entice viewers to watch them all at once, lengthier movies are easy to ignore. However, too short videos can be monotonous, so limit them to a suitable length, such as approximately 5 minutes. 

Make a fantastic YouTube channel and related information

You're now ready to start building your own YouTube channel and account. Please first register and log in, then go to your Youtube channel and complete your profile. Please update any privacy settings that do not include your address, such as your personal introduction, avatar, and other social account information, as this may assist the system and viewers trust your account. Pay special attention to your introductory style; it should be directly tied to the substance of your videos. Introduce your objective and thoughts for uploading these videos in 2-3 lines, as well as what you want others to do, such as follow you, like and comment on your videos, and so on.

Remember to make your own unique avatar and create YouTube banners. Avatars and YouTube banners are designed to promote the first impression of your account. Here's a great YouTube banner maker you can use online. It includes many commercially available pre-made YouTube channel art templates, so it's worth checking out.

Another issue to think about is to create Youtube thumbnails. It has to do with how someone else perceives your video before they see it. Make a compelling thumbnail to entice viewers to watch your video, increasing your click volume. A few basic words and striking color contrasts will capture the viewer's attention.

If you don't know how to create thumbnails, a shortcut is you may utilize the Youtube templates for video-related themes, selecting the right one from hundreds of options. And operation like this ensures that the thumbnail size on YouTube corresponds to the video size. Isn't it easy to operate? All you have to do now is decide on a backdrop, color scheme, and images to utilize.

Ways of promote your video watching volume

To improve your video views, start by adding videos every day and keeping your account active. You can experiment with different video uploading timings. According to Boosted, engagement on YouTube is strongest on Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday. Around 5 p.m. is the optimal time to publish. However, if you publish your video before 9 p.m., you may have a higher chance. Another alternative is to publish on weekdays around 8 a.m. 

Also remember to include a subscription call to action and a watermark for your account in your video. Others will be able to discover your account through your videos if you choose this method. At the end of the video, you can advertise your related videos. Actively engaging with netizens in the comments area is also a smart idea.

Check your videos reviews on a regular basis to see which videos receive the most likes and comments, figure out why, and make any required modifications to the others.You may retweet and promote your higher clicks videos on Facebook and Instagram, and getting attention from many platforms is sometimes a good idea.

You can check your reviews, but pay attention not to keep refreshing to watch your own video; each time you play it, it counts as a view. Each time a person sees your video, it is counted as a fresh view. However, YouTube may notice and interpret numerous refreshes to check the system as a violation.

Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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