How to Advertise Yourself as a Writer on Social Media

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Social media is an excellent opportunity for the promotion of any kind of service, product, and brand. Moreover, there are numerous businesses that exist only in social networks and doing well. These days, we can see numerous social media users that focus on writing engaging content for their publications in order to expand their network and promote their writing art. Also, many writers who choose this area as a profession, pick social media as the primary channel to promote their writing. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the effective and quick ways to promote yourself as a writer on various social media. 

How to advertise yourself as a writer on social media

No matter what social media you select as a focus, the competition is going to be really huge, and you need to be ready to stay in business. You have to know your uniqueness and differentiators before launching a marketing campaign on social media. The following tips will help you determine the specifics of your content and promote it effectively. 

Prepare the writing portfolio

To make the promotion of your content on social media efficient, you need to prove your writing skills and experience to stand out from others specialists in the area. That is why you need to combine your works into a kind of portfolio which can go in different ways like a portfolio website, collected files in a single database like Google Drive, PDF files like white papers with examples of your writings, and any other you can create. 

Also, your portfolio needs to contain testimonials from your previous clients or employers and cooperations with famous brands, as there are such samples of work. The goal of your portfolio is not to get a job or find potential customers only, but also to be recognized and memorized by your audience on social media, engaging them in reading your content on a regular basis. 

Be active on social media

Just creating accounts on various social media like Twitter, Quora, or Instagram is not enough to advertise your content effectively. When you have just made the new profile and added the required info about its type, it may collect a certain audience. But to keep promoting, you need to expand your audience and reach out to the relevant social media users. 

Foremost, you need to be active on all social media accounts that aim to promote you as a writer. Hence, you can create a monthly content plan for social media where you will post commercials for your blog content as well as share social media posts with unique content. Every publication needs to align with your general marketing strategy and content plan, depending on the direction of your blog writing. For example, if you share marketing tips knowledge in your blog articles, you can duplicate the links to these articles in your social media and also share the marketing tricks which you haven't mentioned in your blog before with your social media audiences. 

Be proficient with SEO basics

This is not a secret for experienced writers that SEO content optimization is key to effective promotion in search engines and social media as well. If we view the blog articles, the SEO requires advanced features to be added. Particularly, you need to apply the previously researched keywords in the title, heading, subheading, and text body. Also, it is pivotal to include internal links to other tropic-related publications from your blog and external links to reports and research you were inspired by.  

If we talk about social media, every post needs to contain suitable hashtags, mentions, and locations to reach out to more target users. There are numerous content tools that will simplify the process of SEO, optimizing your content and making it readable, for example, Grammarly, SurferSEO, Hemingway, and others tools that writing services Trust My Paper use. 

Expand your network with other writers

Certainly, you have to create unique and lining content to stand out from other writers in the area, and this is mostly related to website blogs. Talking about social media, their algorithms work a bit differently. Your task is to build a strong face of a high-quality writer. So we recommend broadening your social media network with other writers whose experience is approved in the market. 

There are various ways to cooperate, for instance, you can chat in a direct message to discuss some topics and share tips and experiences with each other. Or you can collaborate when you promote the content of each other and create shared content pieces like marketing white papers, or something like that. Thus, you get the chance to be visible to a broader audience and receive new subscribers to your social media account, if the collaboration is successful. 

Build relations with your audience

Social media simplifies the process of building face and relationships with your audience as a writer. When you write an article for a website blog, you cannot actually share the process of writing, ask your audience about what information they expect and share the tricks that help you write high-grade content. But entering social media gives you these opportunities. For instance, you can chat with your audience in stories or posts, asking them questions or reviews about your works like custom writing reviews Best Writers Online post. Or you can arrange live-streaming to communicate with your followers and improve your relationships. This approach will engage your audience in your art, making them more familiar with your writing works. 

Consider paid target commercials

The promotion methods we mentioned before work organically, but we also would emphasize the effectiveness of paid target commercials on social media, primarily on Facebook and Instagram. These social networks provide great tools for promoting your content to target users by creating commercial templates or choosing the post you would like to promote, the audience like locations, age, gender, etc., and the duration and budget you can afford. This advertising approach will work 100% profitably for you as a writer. However, not to waste your time and budget, your ideal customer profile needs to be clearly defined before the launch of a marketing campaign. 

To conclude

To speed up the process of expanding your audience on social media, your content needs to bring value and insights to your users. Your publications have to be relevant and engaging. You can easily attract new followers to your social media accounts, but what is more crucial is to retain them and build trusting relationships with your audience.

Updated on: 20-Nov-2022

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