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MPPSC Coaching in Indore Sharma Academy presents MPPSC Preparation tips and strategy for students

MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is the exam which is held every year by State government of MP. The ration of student apply for prelims exam is 15 times then the ration of selected students in mains exam. Every effort needs proper guidance and direction if you will do your preparation in a systematic manner then success is assured. We here at Sharma Academy Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore provides proper guidance to students for their MPPSC exam preparation. Some tips we are sharing here for your exam preparation.

1. Basic requirement for success in the MPPSC exam:

The civil services is a year-long process consisting of three stages, Preliminary, the mains examination and the interview. Therefore, it requires a comprehensive set of qualities which are pre-requisites for cracking the exam.

The Candidates have a few qualities in self for cracking the exam like Good Intelligence quotient (IQ), Good scoring potential, Good reading skills, Good writing skills, Good analytical skills, Focus and determination, Good Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

A Good IQ is the ability to understand concepts and techniques, a good EQ is the ability to understand people and their emotions. Both these qualities are needed to make a good civil servant.

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2. The key to success

Many people say that success in life does not solely depend on hard work. It is a mixture of talent, density and luck. Some people feel that persons like Einstein or Tendulkar are born like that, with immense god gifted talent. Some other feels that it is all pre-decided whatever has to happen will happen all the above statements can be true for a particular individual so success depends on many factors.

  • Hard work
  • Talent/aptitude
  • Luck/chance
  • Marketing/self promotion
  • All the above

Once you have decided to start the preparation for civil services, you must focus on the examination and forget everything else like Arjuna in Mahabharata, who saw only the eye of the bird that is target though The Tree, the leaves, the branches the sky everything was there. Similarly, we have to cut ourselves from all the possible distraction during the preparation. Focus only on the exam.

One more myth or fear students have I about English many hesitate or in fear of speaking English, There is no need to try to master the English language but certainly make efforts to improve your grammar, expressions and handwriting. This can easily be done with some extra efforts.

3. Time management

This is an essential requirement to crack any exam, first you need to set a goal this goal setting is the first step to time management. An mppsc aspirant has to set short term goals you can set weekly targets, Daily targets that should be complete in hours like 10, 12 or 14 hours a day. When I was preparing for MPPSC mains I forget all other things, forget the family, postponed spiritual and material quests and focused only on the preparation.

Worried about how much time to give for preparation? MPPSC mains is a tough examination to crack. whoever told you that this will easy was lying, it's difficult but not impossible to crack. How much time to give for daily studying solely depends on an individual. It does not depend on the time but rather on the concentration level that you will be putting. Most students who have higher IQ might have to give just 6 hours of daily studying and they can still retain most of the stuff, where are some students have to do extraordinarily hard work.

Don't go by the time that your friends are giving to Daily preparation, try to utilize the time that you are spending on the study, like Arjun whose eyes were on the target you should also study in the same manner. Just see how much time it requires you to fulfil your daily target and then you can calculate how much time you need to dedicate for your studies.

4. Practice answer writing

Answer writing is an important aspect of MPPSC civil services exam. While prelims are only the qualifying exam which separates the grain from the chaff means serious candidates from non-serious candidates, it's marks are not added for creating the merit list.

The Main exam is worth 1575 marks spanning over 6 papers four papers of GS, 1 paper of Hindi and 1 paper of essay. The content of the answer is more important than its length.

Answer writing also helps in organizing and prioritizing your thought process you learn to put forward what exactly is asked and not what you know. Last but not least writing has in the internalizing information and in better retention than only reading.

So, for the process part, one should begin by writing answers of previous year question papers in addition to give you adequate answer practice they should help you in understanding the exam pattern and the demand of the exam very well. After finishing with previous years papers one should start taking mock test and get them evaluated.

  1. Immediately after prelims- write four to five questions for day start taking weekly topical mock test
  2. Two months before mains start taking full length test
  3. A week before mains take three or four full-length tests at the same time when the mains exam is conducted just to simulate exam conditions.

5. Role of Handwriting

Handwriting is important but not the most important factor. You may or may not get extra marks if you have very good handwriting. but you are sure to lose out if your handwriting is illegible.

Your handwriting should be readable for this you can do this-

  1. Increase the font of your writing generally bigger the font, easier it is to read.
  2. Give adequate spacing between lines
  3. Start each paragraph from the middle of the page this will give a good appearance to your answer
  4. Underline the keywords this is very essential especially if you have clumsy handwriting there are  chances that the evaluator may miss out on this.
  5. Use subheadings to divide your answers.

6. Concluding words

  • Read the whole syllabus at least one time completely, and revise it twice.
  • Prepare your own notes don't rely on others notes, your thoughts are easy to understand for your self.
  • Make a daily routine from morning till sleep and follow that, the schedule should be flexible and give space to your self also as with study. Watch a movie, enjoy with friends, go for a walk after dinner, you can do pranayam to relax, keep your mind cool and then study you will definitely get success in the exam.
  • Do practice for answer writing for mains, increase your speed, make handwriting try to write clear and readable easily.
Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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