How to get your new website quickly recognised by people

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Starting your own website sometimes can be overwhelming and hard to find the right path to follow thorugh to get your website recognised by people or search engines to get the organic traffic you need for your website. These days, we can see numerous article on seo black or white hats but does it really work or do you have the knowledge you need to implement that on your site wait i'm not discouraging you i'm just stating the facts that you will need to start at some point so why don't you follow these easy steps using which you can get your site's ranking improved and recognised by people as quickly and easily as possible.

How to get your website recognised on search engine and receive organic traffic.

The best possible way is get website recognised by search engines to get better ranking for your pages and for getting organic traffic is get create lots of backlinks for your website but it's really hard doing that and sometimes you need to spend money to achive it.
But there's a website where you can get your website listing for free as an alternative software, game, blog or site that way you can get lots of people to check out your site for free while comparing your product with existing competitor sites. it's called here you can list your website, software or game for people to review, like and comment.

Prepare your website presence on social media and be active

Just create accounts for your website on social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to share your website progress and content effectively. When you create new profile on social media and start promoting it will  reach out to the relevant social media users and they start follow your content on your profile and visit your website according to their needs. 

But you need to be active on all social media accounts that aim to promote you as a writer. Hence, you can create a monthly content plan for social media where you will post commercials for your blog content as well as share social media posts with unique content. Every publication needs to align with your general marketing strategy and content plan, depending on the direction of your blog writing. For example, if you share marketing tips knowledge in your blog articles, you can duplicate the links to these articles in your social media and also share the marketing tricks which you haven't mentioned in your blog before with your social media audiences. 

The most important thing for your website on any social media or search engine is that your content needs to bring value and insights to your users. Your post have to be relevant and engaging. You can easily attract new followers to your social media accounts, but what is more crucial is to retain them and build trusting relationships with your audience.

Updated on: 07-Dec-2022

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