How to use NodeJS with ReactJS for full-stack development?

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Technology has advanced to the point where every day brings a new opportunity to connect with customers. The most talked-about technologies in today's world are ReactJS and NodeJS, as you can see from current industry trends. Web developers frequently use the combination of ReactJS and NodeJS to create new solutions.

NodeJS: Overview

JavaScript-based NodeJS runs on Google Chrome virtual machines, which are optimized for developing high-performance and scalable apps. Lightweight and fast I/O is the hallmark of NodeJS' event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm.

JavaScript may be used on both the front-end and back-end to build a web application. There are several advantages for firms who wish to utilize a common language for both client and server-side development. To utilize NodeJS's essential functionality and features in building web applications, you must employ a professional NodeJS Development Company In India.

ReactJS: Overview

ReactJS is a JavaScript front-end framework for the creation of reusable user interface elements. It enables you to build massive web apps with dynamic, data-driven interfaces while retaining great speed and responsiveness across many devices. 

Due to the simplicity of React's architecture, even non-technical users may create scalable web apps in pure Javascript without the need to learn other programming languages or technologies.

Why You Should Combine NodeJS and ReactJS in Web Development

  • MERN Stack Development

The MERN stack makes considerable use of the NodeJS/ReactJS combo. The website will take on a new dimension by incorporating these many frameworks, including NodeJS and ReactJS.

  • Heavy Server Usage

If your ultimate objective is to construct a multidimensional website, then combining ReactJS with NodeJS makes sense. As the number of aspects on your website grows, so does the strain on your server, raising the possibility of a website crash. 

It is easier to manage many requests with the help of NodeJS and ReactJS. In addition, it will help to improve client satisfaction and retention.

  • Single Page Applications

Single-page applications (SPAs) have grown more popular because of their fast loading times. It makes sense to create SPAs with ReactJS and NodeJS to synchronize the entire development cycle. ReactJS and NodeJS may be used together to build lightweight datagram backend models.

  • Streaming Data in Real Time

Web apps that present real-time data are demonstrably more likely to attract clients. This can only be accomplished if the website's owner has a rock-solid server connection. That's where Node JS can help your website run more efficiently.

NodeJS provides the most dependable server connections. If your website relies significantly on streaming real-time data, NodeJS can help. It's possible to build two-way, real-time web apps using NodeJS, which allows the client and server to communicate data.

  • JSON-based APIs

The high level of code reuse and fast code-sharing features of ReactJS makes it an excellent choice for building JSON APIs for your web project. It's simple to utilize NodeJS and JSON files together to make data more accessible to end users. You may speed up the development of JSON APIs even more by combining the two.

  • Simplified Procedures

ReactJS and NodeJS are two of the most often utilized web app development frameworks. In addition to speeding up development, the React DOM makes it easier to grasp how to build a new app or website.

  • Significant Use Of JavaScript

ReactJS and NodeJS deliver JavaScript's sophistication to the table when utilized together. Developers will find JavaScript to be more user-friendly than many other coding languages. Using ReactJS, JavaScript programming is made much more accessible. 

JavaScript's low learning curve would make it easier for developers to use. This will also result in creating excellent web apps utilizing ReactJS and NodeJS.

When Developing a Full-Stack Application, How Do You Use NodeJS and ReactJS Together?

  • Making Your Directory:

App development begins by creating a directory for your projects. You may make one using your terminal. Use these codes to create one.

mkdir my_awesome_project

cd my_awesome_project

Next, we'll build a front-end ReactJS application

  • App Development: Using React

npx create-react-app client

cd client

npm start

npx makes it simple to build ReactJS apps. To add new functionality to the npm modules, developers can use the Npx tool. Using CLI tools and registry executables is made more accessible. Next, you'll need to switch the terminal path to the client folder and start the application.

Visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser to see your first ReactJS app, and you're done!

Let's now build a NodeJS application. Express.Js will be used in this section. It is a NodeJS-based framework with a focus on simplicity. With it, you can create applications more quickly and with better functionality. The Express app generator will be used to develop the app. The following code may be used to run the program.

npx express-generator API

cd API

npm install

npm start

With the help of this code:

  • API will be the name of our Express app.
  • A directory for clients can be added to the API.
  • All of the components and dependencies must be put in place.
  • We'll test the app's functionality if all goes according to plan.

Next, you must input the same localhost URL into your browser as we did with ReactJS to access the application. In order to get your project off the ground, you'll need to combine both the front and back-end apps.

How may ReactJS and NodeJS be connected?

Here's how we can use both applications together to get better outcomes.

  • Step 1:

Open the api.Js file in the client directory using the code editor.

  • Step 2:

After you've declared all the classes, you'll need to collect data from the API and put this script into the editor.

constructor(props) {


this.state = { apiResponse: “” };


callAPI() {


.then(res => res.text())

.then(res => this.setState({ apiResponse: res }));


componentWillMount() {



  • Step 3:

Make use of the render method. A <;p> tag may be found here. Changes should then be made to ensure that the API answer is rendered correctly.

<p className=”App-intro”>;{this.state.apiResponse}</p>

With the help of this code:

  • We're able to add a constructor that sets the app's default configuration.
  • A function named call API() was also added that may retrieve data from your API and save the result to user queries in state.apiResponse.
  • We also ran a React lifecycle function, componentDidMount(), which is utilized by ReactJS development firms to execute call API() once the components have been mounted.


The fast evolution of mobile and web app development has compelled programmers to form more cohesive teams. There is a large open-source community that provides components for the creation of ReactJS apps. React's interoperability with other JavaScript-based frameworks has attracted much attention. As a result, there is no downside to hiring a NodeJS development company for your user interfaces.

Updated on: 05-Aug-2022

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