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Do you have a Youtube channel? Would you like to gain more subscribers? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, you've found the perfect place. We'll get you winning over subscribers in no time. In this article, you will learn how to attract more subscribers through 3 amazing tips, and step up your Youtube game altogether. You will learn how to create Youtube videos that will get your numbers up, and how to customize your Youtube channel so viewers are naturally drawn to your content. Let's get your channel rolling.

Tip #1: Create better youtube videos, not more

If you look at all the more famous YouTubers, they all upload videos on a regular basis. You might be tempted, with good reasons, to try to learn from them and focus on posting videos on your Youtube channel regularly, establishing a pattern that might attract more subscribers. The thing is, though, that as a fledgling content creator, you should focus your efforts on the quality of the videos you produce, not the quantity. Only a few, but really well-done videos are far more likely to attract more subscribers than twice as many mediocre ones.

To get your Youtube channel growing, don't try to work your way into Youtube's good graces by the sheer numbers of videos you upload. Be the best in your niche, work on your Youtube videos, and provide your viewers with quality content. That includes:

  • smart editing;
  • clear sound;
  • good video quality (all first-page Youtube videos are in HD);
  • eye-catching video thumbnails;
  • relevant and timely content.

Do your research and locate the right keywords relating to your niche, and find a way to include them in your title, as well as the video description. You'd be surprised by how much of a difference those two things can make, and how much more Youtube subscribers you can get by being thorough.

Make it a habit to work extensively on Youtube videos before publishing, and you'll stand a better chance of attracting more viewers and subscribers to your Youtube channel.

Tip #2: Produce longer Youtube videos

In search of Youtube subscribers, you might look to other platforms and see what you can learn from other creators. That's certainly a good idea, and a mindset that will serve you well, but to grow your Youtube channel, you should post longer videos. Shorts may be popular on TikTok or Instagram, but things are a bit different on Youtube.

In short, longer videos outperform shorter ones. Thanks to the study made by Backlinko, we know that Youtube videos you'll find on the first page are roughly 15 minutes long. That's your cue.

Concentrate on providing enough content to reach that magic number in your videos, but don't use cheap tricks like a minute-long outro or content that could only be described as filler. That's more likely to harm your Youtube channel and discourage future subscribers.

Moreover, to get a good grasp of what video length you should go with, also consider:

  • the type of the video (whether it is e.g. a vlog, a video essay, or a commentary);
  • the age of your viewers (available to check via Youtube analytics).

Tip #3: Engage with your audience

To gather Youtube subscribers, you need to be more than just a creator. You need to start a dialogue, as the viewers want to see the person behind the Youtube channel. You can engage with your audience in many ways, and one of them is to respond to people in the comment section. This shortens the distance between you and your audience, makes you seem more inclusive and welcoming, and showcases genuine effort. The latter is of paramount importance, and the viewers will notice dedication.

Moreover, you can comment yourself, asking for feedback and ways to improve your videos. Hearing out and acting upon criticism and other forms of feedback will make you more approachable, and thus more likely to gain Youtube subscribers.

You should also consider pinning comments by, colloquially speaking, "hearting" them, as well as holding back undesirable ones. This will introduce a bit of order to your comment section, making interaction easier and less frustrating. Keep the bots and trolls out of your comment section and your viewers will appreciate the effort to create a respectful and nice community in the section below the video. This will undoubtedly get you a number of subscribers on Youtube.

To sum up

Thankfully, there are many ways of attracting more Youtube subscribers, and if you put your mind to it, you reap the benefits of a better-optimized Youtube channel almost immediately. To get more subscribers, make sure your new videos go through a thorough editing process and only publish polished content. You must also consider watch time, and produce longer videos, as well as remember to keep the conversation flowing in the video comment section.


Graduated from the University of Warsaw, Michal is a travel expert with an undying thirst for adventure and a writer at PhotoAiD. A self-proclaimed book and movie critic as well, he loves to put his passion for writing to use on Passport Photo Online blog.

Updated on: 24-Aug-2022

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