Online Training Problems and Their Solutions

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Online training has come a long way. However, it gained popularity after the pandemic outbreak last year when the entire globe was put under lockdown. Students had no other way than online classes to pursue their courses. 

Although it has been a year since the pandemic occurred, students are still waiting for schools to open their doors to allow them in once again. Online learning is also quite popular among professionals. To hone your skills and expand your knowledge horizon, you need to enrol in some professional courses. 

There are various courses that you can pursue online and attend classes before and after your job hours. However, online learning has come up with a lot of challenges. This blog discusses them along with the solutions:

Online learning is boring

This kind of complaint has been made by professionals who enrol in courses after taking out short term loans for the unemployed to improve their skills and get hired quickly by recruiters. 

They have found that such courses are extremely boring because they involve in-person interaction with a teacher and other students. Likewise, students do not like e-learning because it lacks encouragement and motivation. 


Whether it is a professional course or an academic course, it can be fun, interactive and dynamic. With videos and storytelling, participants can find it engaging. 

For young learners, game-based learning should be offered. Try to make it in a way that involves interaction between teachers and students and among all students. 

Technical difficulties make it less smooth

Technical problems are one of the significant problems that students face during online classes. Sometimes these issues are so worst that they interrupt the connection before the course could get it off the ground. It adds up the frustration level. As a result, many students find it worthless. 


You should design a course that does not consume too much memory and high internet speed. People do not have devices with high RAM and high internet bandwidth. You should design a course keeping this fact in your mind. 

Try to take courses so that they do not require any students to download a document or get some printouts. You must provide the best audio quality because this also hinders the smooth flow of the class sometimes.

Students are not aware of online courses

One of the significant drawbacks of online learning is people do not know about the best courses. For instance, you have designed a professional course to help them hone their soft skills to be hired quickly by recruiters, but nobody is aware of that course. 

There are a lot of courses that students find hard to choose the right type of course. This happens with professionals too. If nobody knows about the course recently launches, how will you be able to receive benefits? 


Here comes the role of promotion. Whether it is a professional course or an academic course, you should promote it as much as you can. Let people know about the benefits they can obtain by enrolling in it. 

Make a video in which you explain the course, which it targets and what benefits it offers and then promote it on various platforms. Online ads are also a great way to promote new courses. Although you can use traditional marketing methods, too, online methods are more reliable and affordable. 

Students cannot interact with others

Online classes are gaining popularity, though they have limitations, and one of the most significant limitations is they lack human interaction. Even professionals want interaction with their teachers and other participants. 

The absence of a teacher and lack of interaction with other students make online learning boring. Discussion is crucial to understand the concept better, and this all is missing in an online learning environment. 


The online course must feature personal interaction. Forums should be held so students can post their queries and have their doubts resolved. Organise webinars so you can interact with your students and respond to their doubts. 

You can also promote the use of social media. For instance, you can use Skype to interact with each other. It can assist with humanised learning, which is missing in the online learning environment on a very large scale. 

There are various online training problems, but they all can be solved with effective measures. Whether academic students rely on it or professionals, there are still some drawbacks that need to be overcome. 

Various professionals rely on such courses because they are utilising the time they have got after losing their jobs, and they are not hesitating to fund such courses. However, they are still struggling to leverage benefits from them. This problem should also be dealt with. Seeing the challenges of online classes, experts are finding ways to deal with flaws. 

Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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