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Why your agency needs to start selling Pay per result SEO right now. 

Every business tries to get on the 1st Page of Google because it brings a ton of traffic and prestige. But SEO can be challenging, expensive, resource-intensive with no guarantee of results, and especially for agencies, there is a lot of competition.  

So how is it that you can help businesses make it to the first page of Google and generate hefty margins while you are at it? 

Keep on reading, and I’ll show how you can start selling a unique type of SEO, that: 

  1. Has less competition, 
  2. Is more result-oriented.
  3. Is 10x more enticing to businesses, and 
  4. Does not require you to learn SEO 😊 

But how about some basics first - What is SEO? 

According to Umbrella Local, Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving your site and its content to amplify its visibility for relevant searches. In simpler terms, it is following a set of practices to make your content more discoverable for search engines when someone comes searching for your products or services. 

The SEO Market is Massive!  

According to a report, businesses in the U.S. will be spending upwards of $80 billion on SEO services. And it is a chunk of this massive pie that you are missing out on when not selling/reselling SEO. 

Also ranking number one on Google provides tremendous brand value. Google dominates 96% of mobile traffic and 92% of the overall share, and hence it’s safe to say that should you keep Google happy, it will return you the favour. 

What SEO brings to your agency? 

Most experts believe that SEO is the most reliable digital marketing channel for generating leads, improving their brand reputation, marketing their content, etc.  

And if your agency is not selling/reselling SEO services, you stand to lose clients looking for the services mentioned above. 

Besides, marketing agencies charge anywhere between $1500-2500 on a minimum commitment of 6-12 months for a single SEO project which comes out to be $6000 – 30000 that you stand to lose on a single project every year.  

As someone who has been a digital marketing enthusiast for the last nine years, I can vouch for the fact that the margins you stand to make when selling SEO are unlike any other product or service. Considering the prices, you can sell/resell them for, long term commitments that you can establish, and the amount of work that you have to put in.

What are you doing to beat your competition? 

With the rise of cost-effective, more accessible internet, more and more folks have explored this market’s high potential, giving rise to a marketing agency on every other street. 

So the question remains, how do you jump ahead from the competition that is continuously evolving and increasing.  

With traditional SEO tactics? 

Well! You can try, it won’t be too long before you realize that traditional SEO methods don’t stand a chance in today’s highly competitive market. Add to it the fact the Google makes about 400 changes to its algorithm every year that your agency has to be ready to battle in the long haul. 

So what can you do? 

What if you could confidently to say to any business irrespective of the size, scale and industry type– that we’ll get you on The 1st Page  Of Google, or you don’t pay a dime. Do you think businesses will be interested? 

No points for guessing. But how will you do it? 

The answer to that is pay per result SEO. Yes, it is exactly like it sounds. Like in Pay per click advertising, where you only pay a dime when someone clicks your ad, you only pay when you start seeing results in pay per result SEO. 

This SEO strategy significantly improves overall rankings, organic website traffic, and revenue faster than any traditional SEO plan; however, you pay a penny only after achieving the desired rankings. 

What separates pay per result SEO from traditional SEO? 

There are various aspects where these two SEO models differ, here I’ve mentioned a few below: 

  • Payment: With traditional SEO, you have to pay a fee to the agency every month irrespective of results, Pay per result SEO has a different payment structure. After spending a nominal joining fee, you only pay once you start getting the desired results. 


Traditional SEO Charges

Pay Per Result



500-1000 setup

















USD 6000


      *Ranking for the same number of keywords. 
      * P.S: These are for wholesale clients. 
  • Speed: The foundation of Pay per result SEO model lies on getting results and getting them fast. Pay Per Result SEO is aggressive but considers the due attention that needs to be paid to each keyword on an individual basis to get results. In Contrast, traditional SEO focuses on enhancing your website’s overall SEO score for a broad set of keywords. 

Where to start with pay per result SEO? 

While there are much pay per result SEO programs in the market right now, I feel the uSEO program from Umbrella is the best for your agency because it's used by many clients.  

uSEO experts address all your doubts regarding the pay per result SEO model like the speed of results, the incurring expenses of capital and resources, and instead provide you with a top-notch SEO program, aggressive conversion rates, and certifications as an added incentive. 

From my experience, I feel it is perfect for agencies that are still worry about the prospects of selling SEO services as the program is  

  1. Cost-effective (60%+ margins to the agency),
  2. Non-labour inclusive (they do all the work for you), 
  3. And most importantly, result-driven (easy to sell, easy to entice clients, marketing training included in the package). 

So why not take the leap and signup for it now on Premium uSEO.

Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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