Should You Use Shared Web Hosting For Your Websites?

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Every website uses web hosting services to reach visitors worldwide. Web hosting providers store your website’s information and give you a home on the web. Unlike social media sites, websites exclusively promote your brand. Most businesses use social media to drive traffic to their websites. They want to take the conversation off social media and introduce prospects to their entire digital ecosystems.

You can choose between several hosting packages, such as shared, private, and dedicated. Most people look at shared hosting first since it’s the most affordable way to get started. We’ll discuss some key details to know about shared web hosting so you can determine if it’s the right plan for you.

Shared Hosting Provides Affordable cPanel Access

Shared hosting’s affordability attracts many business owners. You can pay as little as $3.95/mo for Host Stage’s shared hosting plan, which provides cPanel access. The cPanel gives you more control over your website and your ability to manage tasks. You can set up emails with your website’s name to create a more professional experience, assemble files, publish websites, and more. It’s a very useful feature for business owners taking their websites seriously.

It’s More Affordable to Host Several Domains

Some businesses use multiple websites to reach new customers. You may create separate websites for some of your product lines, events, and other initiatives. Each of these websites requires a hosting solution. You can use a more expensive VPS for each website or save money with shared web hosting. Some business owners use a VPS for their most popular website and use shared web hosting for the remaining websites. Using shared web hosting will minimize costs and help with profit margins. This advantage is more significant for businesses that operate with low profit margins. Every dollar adds up, and for many companies, shared web hosting provides what they need for a lot less.

You Can Upgrade As Your Site Grows

Web hosting plans aren’t set in stone. You can pick the most affordable plan that provides the least amount of storage. As your website grows, you can upgrade your plan to accommodate the incoming traffic. Host Stage doesn’t lock you into any account level. You can upgrade your account anytime as your business grows online and downgrade your account if necessary to reduce expenses. 

Keep the Hackers Out of Your Website

Cyber hackers remain a significant threat for any business, and they’re not only targeting major corporations. Some hackers target small business owners who have fewer resources to defend themselves or respond to an attack. Shared website hosting services provide cybersecurity features that thwart hackers’ attempts at infiltrating your website. Host Stage also provides a daily website backup. 

A daily website backup keeps your data safe. If a hacker steals your website files with ransomware, you can immediately rebuild with the backup. Data backups also help with human error. If anyone in your company accidentally changes the website or an update goes awry, you can revert your website to its original version. 

Although shared hosting provides several cybersecurity safeguards, its level of protection falls short of a VPS. Under a shared hosting package, many business owners share storage on the same server. Any platform with more people becomes more vulnerable to a cyber attack. A hacker can get into the server through one of these website owners and infiltrate other websites on the server. Windows VPS offers more protection since you do not share the server with anyone. You’ll get an entire server decided to your website’s files. A VPS hosting package costs more than a shared hosting package, and both come with cybersecurity features. You have extra protection with either package, but VPS has enhanced security. Host Stage has features to protect your website from common attacks such as DDoS. 

Shared Hosting’s Disadvantages

Shared hosting is the cheapest way to take control of your website hosting. Shared hosting makes the most sense for beginners who want to get a taste of online marketing. Many of our clients start with shared hosting and upgrade to a VPS as their needs and objectives change. We already covered the cybersecurity differences between shared and VPS hosting, but other disadvantages are present.

Shared hosting’s greatest strength and liability is that many websites share the same server. This dynamic works great for lowering costs and testing the waters. However, it can lead to slower website load times. Every website on the server competes for the same limited amount of space. If any of these websites gains traction or adds a lot of files, it can slow down your website. Load times are a big deal, and you should aim to have your website load in under four seconds. 

Web hosting is one of several factors that influences your website’s speed. Compressing images and showing fewer elements on each page can improve your website’s speed regardless of your hosting plan. 

Some shared hosting platforms also have higher downtime risks. If websites on the server get hit with a lot of traffic, every website on the server may temporarily shut off. Host Stage offers a 100% Uptime Commitment that reimburses you if your website goes down. Host Stage will keep your website up 99.9% of the time and reimburse you during rare circumstances.

Should You Use Shared Hosting for Your Website?

Shared web hosting is a great way to get started. It’s the cheapest option, and as your website grows, you can upgrade to add more space. Many of our clients begin with a shared hosting solution and switch to VPS in the future for additional advantages. You can get started with a shared web hosting plan and learn about our options. Plans start at as low as $3.95 per month.

Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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