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Virat Kohli The captain of the Indian Cricket team is not just a Sports personality on-field but also a suave style icon, who has inspired us with his well-groomed Beard styles and Hairstyles. Among the Indian cricketers, Virat is regarded as the most stylish of them all and has a good fashion sense and is very stylish when it comes to styling his beard. From sporting a goatee to making a statement in a full-fledged beard, his envy-inducing beard styles have made a distinct statement over the years. They have been styles that every guy has tried at least once in his life. His beard style and hairstyle are so famous that everyone in the saloon asks for Virat Kohli Beard style and Hairstyle.

Virat has experimented with different types of beard styles and Hairstyles which looks extremely good on him. Have a look at all the experiments he has done with his beard and hairs.

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Virat Kohli  Beard Style :

Light stubble beard style

This Virat Kohli beard style name is light stubble. A light stubble looks dapper when groomed well. This was the time when Virat wasn’t much into heavy-set beards and was inclined mainly towards minimal looks. Add to that, the short spiked hairstyle perfectly complements the simple beard style.

Goatee and moustache with trimmed scruff
This Virat Kohli beard name is Goatee and Mustache. A goatee and moustache with trimmed scruff look edgy and ultra-masculine. Virat Kohli maintained this beard and look by trimming his scruff to get a light stubble and just letting the hair of his moustache and goatee grow a bit.

Long or heavy beard style
Virat Kohli new beard style 2021 is a Long or heavy beard style. A long or heavy beard style is a full-grown beard style that has clean lines along the cheeks and jawline. The jawline can help you give a structured jawline look. Virat Kohli has been seen in this beard style with a mohawk hairstyle and this Virat Kohli latest beard style makes him look sexier.

Ducktail beard style
Virat Kohli never backs off of trying a new style. this Virat Kohli beard style name is Ducktail beard style.

A ducktail beard is when the beard is styled in a way that resembles a ducktail at the chin. This type of beard has denser growth on the chin and jaw to bring a little volume to the face. Ducktail beards can also be referred to as goatees with chin hair that’s thicker and groomed well.

French cut with trimmed scruff
A French cut with trimmed scruff helps in highlighting the facial features of a man. Virat Kohli beard looks intense with this style.

Professional beard style
This Virat Kohli beard look is a bit professional since it is well maintained and is trimmed properly. They are kept short with a moustache and a light goatee. A professional beard style is evenly trimmed with no hair overlapping the upper lip.

A detached moustache and a full goatee
Virat Kohli Looks cute in this beard style. It is a faded beard style with dense growth around the chin and moustache area, leaving a light stubble across the cheeks and jawline. However, the moustache is detached from the goatee giving it some resemblance to a French beard.

Virat Kohli Hairstyles

Medium Cut hairstyle.

Virat Kohli hairstyles are as famous as he himself is. Virat Kohli is a trendsetter in the Indian Cricket team. He is a fashion icon.

Spikes hairstyles.

This Virat Kohli hairstyle name is spiked. in this hairstyle, your hair is a little straight.

side-parted hairstyle.

This Virat Kohli hairstyle image is of IPL.

Fade hairstyle.

However, Virat Kohli keeps his hairstyle he looks as good as always.

Mid-high Fade hairstyle.

This Virat Kohli hairstyle name is mid-high fade. in this hairstyle, your mid hair is high and your side hair is faded.

Line up hairstyle.

Virat Kohli hairstyle 2021 is line up in which he has a line in the sides.

Sporty Hairstyle.

Unstyled Undercut hairstyle.

Not only style but Virat Kohli looks sexier in unstyled hair too.

Short Undercut hairstyle.

Razored hairstyle.

Reasons why to grow a beard

It is totally a perspective and a choice that you keep a beard or clean shaved. but there are many reasons to grow a beard.

The very reason is it makes you look damn sexy and bold.

Helpful in preventing harmful sun rays.
Research shows that dense beards are capable of blocking out 90 per cent of the harmful UV rays from the sun. Beards keep your skin from burning and they also protect your skin from getting cancer. Too many harmful UV rays can damage your skin cell and that can lead to cancer.

Shaving can cause acne
Shaving your beard can cause the bacteria to spread on your face and that can lead to acne-prone skin. Therefore allow your beards to grow and refrain from too much shaving.

A Natural Filter
A man’s moustache not only looks cool but also protects him by not letting any microscopic allergens or dust particles enter their noses. This leads to the prevention of allergies or other conditions such as hay fever. A beard act as filtering protection from many allergies that are airborne by preventing them to enter the mouth or nose.

Keeps you young
Because of the protection that is offered by a beard, you stay younger for a long time. Since beards can prevent cancer and having a beard means there is a reduced amount of acne and discolouration of the skin. In this way, your skin can stay healthy for longer. Moreover, your moustache and beard keep dust and other allergens out of your system which will improve your overall health. In this way, you not only look younger but feel younger as well.

Fewer Wrinkles
Another benefit of having beards is less exposure to UV rays that can cause wrinkles but since your skin is occupied with your facial hair, harmful sun rays cannot cause any harm leading to fewer wrinkles on the skin.

Lesser possibilities of gum problems or diseases
When your beard and moustache helps to keep the airborne microscopic allergens out of your mouth, they are also working together to reduce your chances of getting gum problems. But you still need to brush your teeth as beards offer just extra protection and not clean your gums.

Keeps Your skin moisturized
If you prefer being clean shaved then you must know that shaving opens up the pores which can cause dryness over time and Your skin can lose moisture and become flaky. Therefore having a beard is better than being clean shaved.

Prevents Other Bacterial Infections
Your beard acts as a shield for the bacteria trying to enter your pores. Shaving can cause those pores to open up and any bacteria or dust particles can enter into your pores. But when you have a beard, your pores are occupied with your facial hair and no bacteria can enter.

Not everyone has the option to protect their faces from allergies and bacteria, those who want to take advantage of their beards and look great at the same time must get on board with growing their beards in the right way.  

Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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