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Are you excited to write quotes, poetry, thoughts, dialogues, Shayari, poems? Are you finding one place to share your words?

Then, Yes you are in a right place

QuoteMaker is the place where you can post your words and get royalties from your words. Quote Maker is a platform that allows Writers to build a network and following of Readers. For many, the people post their best quotes, Shayari, poetry and share their words and get a big fam. At the same time, some suck to post their own words. So that one question arises whether a Quote Maker is an asset for your Writing?

So that in this article I will be going deep into the platform to see what Quote Maker is and you can see the pros and cons of Quote Maker and whether Quote Maker is worth it or not.

So what's the actual bread and butter of the QuoteMaker App?

QuoteMaker is a little like shows such as the X-Factor or The Voice, but specifically for writers. Anyone is welcome to join and start publishing their work for free. Only the ones who get a good response go further in the process. How? QuoteMaker offers resources for writers to grow and develop. The best of the best become eligible for specialist programs connecting them with publishing houses and even TV and movie production companies.

Talent Discovery:

Quote Maker is a little bit like a show such as the X-factors or the voice, but specifically for the writers. Anyone is welcome to join and start publishing theirs for free. Only the ones who get a good response are going to further the process, How? Quote Maker gives you a complete guide for their growth and development. QuoteMaker's best writers show their writing skills and give inspiration to the new writers.

Social Platform:

These are places like social media for writers where everyone Share stories in QuoteMaker, instead of sharing something like a personal thing photo of your cat or dog or share something personal, here everyone only posts like Quotes, Poem, Poetry, Story, Status, Dialogue, Thoughts, Share the Emotions, Feelings. Post your own words on QuoteMaker and get a royalty for your words.


QuoteMaker provides the best services in the backend and frontend, gives a great user experience so everyone loves to share their words. User experience is the thing that motivates writers to post their words with great images and other effects in the posts.

This platform is more often for the writers and readers and they both get their targeted audience. Each and every person motivates others and gets a royalty. 

QuoteMaker shares their best writers at the end of the week called Top Of The Week; they get top user’s names with their quotes. Start publishing

QuoteMaker Process:             

Here is the full process of QuoteMaker: how to create a quote and share your words with the audience. Here are the steps we provide you so that new writers never ever suck on the QuoteMaker App. 

Create - write your own quote with your name, there is no word limit to writing, but we give a suggestion to write one linear or two linear quotes because most of the readers love to read these types of short quotes. These quotes are copyrighted with your name so no one can copy your quote. 

Publishing - Design your quotes with so many features like a background image that suits your quotes, give your fonts a new look with different fonts, try to choose different font colours and much more things.

Now publish your quote by choosing your quote language, your quote category, and just publish your quote.

Social Platform - next step is to publish your quote on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and get more royalty and fame for your words. 

Achieve - After these main steps you have to start posting every day and you get milestones and get a huge targeted audience, and fam. After this, QuoteMaker gives you a Top Of The Week name. The writers.

Updated on: 08-Nov-2021

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