What is mold remediation and how does it work?

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Mold remediation is the process of identifying and removing unhealthy levels of mold that have colonized in a home, office, school or other building.

This is known as returning to condition 1. Condition 2 is settle spores from condition 3.

Condition 1 is defined as a normal indoor fungal ecology.

Over time, if untreated, mold can destroy a home by breaking down cellulose-based materials (like wood or ceiling tiles) and causing a slow and messy decay. In the shorter term, a mold colonization can cause severe health problems.

If mold has been positively identified in your house and levels are higher than the outside levels, either by visual examination or through mold testing, remediation can safely remove it. Properly trained and equipped professionals use specialized equipment (like hepa vacuums and air scrubbers with HEPA filters) to keep mold spores contained while they remove contaminated materials and treat colonized areas with antimicrobial spray. 

Here's an example of the steps involved in professional mold remediation:

Contain work area and apply negative air pressure HEPA (AFDs) to prevent cross-contamination. If spores spread, the colonies can easily regrow elsewhere in your home.

Protocol from a professional mold Assesor will show where to place critical barriers, containment and AFDs.
Hepa vacuum to capture spores to be took offsite and disposed of.
Mist an EPA-registered antimicrobial to suspend and kill mold spores.
Remove affected building materials.
Bag and dispose of contaminated materials properly.
Treat cavities/underlayment and dehumidify.
Abrasively remove dead loose mold.
Apply EPA-registered protective sealer.
Perform post remediation verification clearance.
Remove drying equipment.
A key component to a successful mold remediation or removal after eliminating the mold is ensuring that the water source that caused the mold colonization is also remediated.

If you think there's mold in your home, contact the best mold remediation experts immediately.

Updated on: 24-Jun-2022

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